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Pharmacovigilance is science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine-related problem .
The main objective of pharmacovigilance is the development and implementation of measures to ensure the risk-benefit balance.

The company "Rubikon" cares about the health of patients. We collect any information related to the safety and efficacy of the medicines produced by the company.
For this purpose, we need your cooperation!

If you have any information about adverse reactions or lack of efficacy of medicines manufactured by LLC «Rubikon», we kindly ask you to inform us about this incident by filling out the form below.
Before completing the form, please, read it carefully with the main Terms and concepts.

Be sure to leave your contact details so that our employee can contact you for complete or additional information necessary to assess the case of adverse drug reaction.

All information that will be provided to the company's Pharmacovigilance Service is strictly confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except as provided by law.
Also, you can inform us by calling the numbers below or by e-mail.

Person in charge of Pharmacovigilance in the company:
Golyakovich Elena Ananievna - Qualified person for Pharmacovigilance.
Mob. tel .: +375 29 210 22 74
E-mail: rubikonminsk@mail.ru
For healthcare specialists and pharmacists
For consumers of a medicinal product
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