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1 bottle contains:
active substance: thioctic acid - 600 mg;
excipients: trometamol, water for injection - up to 24 ml.
Dosage and administration:
The daily dose for severe sensitivity disorders in severe diabetic polyneuropathy is 1 vial of Thiosol (which corresponds to 600 mg of thioctic acid) for 2-4 weeks.
It is possible to administer an undiluted solution of the drug Thiosol using an injection syringe, and the administration time should be at least 12 minutes.
Intravenous administration can also be performed as a short infusion for at least 12 minutes after diluting the drug in 100-250 ml of a 0.9% sodium chloride solution.
Thiosol can be used as an infusion in an isotonic sodium chloride solution (infusion volume 100-250 ml) for 30 minutes. Intravenous administration should be carried out slowly (not faster than 60 mg of thioctic acid, i.e. 2 ml of Thiosol solution per minute). In addition, intravenous administration of the undiluted solution with an injection syringe or perfuser is possible. In this case, the administration time should be at least 10 minutes.
Infusion Guidelines
Due to the sensitivity of the active substance to light, the vial should be removed from the cardboard packaging only immediately before use. After dilution, the solution for intravenous administration should be protected from light (wrap the bottle in aluminum foil).
The solution for intravenous administration, protected from light, remains stable for 6 hours. Back to list
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