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About us

About us
The Limited Liability Company "Rubikon" has been carrying out its production activities since 2010.

During this time, having won the reputation of a reliable pharmaceutical company, we have become a leading manufacturer of modern efficient medicinal products that meet the most stringent safety requirements.
The high quality of our products manufactured according to the GMP standards is regularly confirmed.

The company's management constantly pays great attention to the development and improvement of the production facilities, investing into the state-of-the-art production and analytical equipment of the leading world companies.

Thus, our company has a number of the custom designed machines that have no analogues in Belarus.


Three types of dosage forms: soft, solid, and liquid are manufactured at the plant.
The production process in the solid dosage form works includes obtaining of the tablet mass, tabletting, functional or non-functional (cosmetic) coating, primary packaging, labeling and secondary packaging. The tablet press by Fette allows us to produce up to 180 000 tablets of the correct shape or complex geometry rejecting out of specification products.

The state-of-the-art suppository line made in Italy, which has no analogues in Belarus, consists of 3 units:
- Filling unit,
- Cooling unit
- Sealing and cutting unit.
Due to the simultaneous operation of 6 dosing needles, the suppository line capacity reaches 12,000 suppositories per hour.
Suppository containers are delivered to the company by the manufacturer of the suppository line.

The performance of the injectables production is around 20,000 vials a day. The modern equipment by Bosch, designed exclusively for the company "Rubikon" and made in Germany and Austria has been already set into operation and qualified. The primary packaging materials supplied by our Italian and French partners have been thoroughly controlled. The tests have shown no impact of the packaging materials on the quality of the finished product. Before being used, all primary packaging materials are subjected to sterilization and depyrogenation.
The facilities where injectables are manufactured, filled and sealed, meet the requirements of purity grade "C" and "A". The compliance with the highest sterility standards is achieved through the two-stage sterilizing filtration, cartridge filters, and the additional control sterilizing filter. Its pore size is equal to 22 microns.

The injectables production is designed according to the principles of the terminal sterilization. Filled and closed vials enter a sterilizer, where they are subjected to thermal exposure. The pass-through sterilizer is used for the processing of caps, stoppers and dosing needles.

Quality Control Department

We are confident in efficacy and safety of our products, because we expose them to reliable clinical studies and trials.
We use only modern equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers for the chemical and microbiological control. The microbiological laboratory deals with cell cultures, immunological preparations, it also conducts the studies of the antiviral activity of our drug products. Each batch is tested for microbiological contamination.
Our company controls the quality of raw, starting and packaging materials. The suppliers delivering different media are thoroughly selected; we evaluate the up-to-date developments of the companies that produce relevant products.
In addition, we conduct the mandatory intermediate control of drugs at all stages of the manufacturing process.
The scope of our chemical laboratory includes more than 50 different test methods. While testing, subjective errors are excluded by using automated analytical equipment made in Germany, America, and England.

Finished products, passed all stages of the production process and placed in the secondary packaging are controlled according to the standards, approving the sample design.

Climate chambers allow us to carry out long-term and accelerated stability testing, determine and confirm the shelf life of our drug products. Throughout the shelf life of the drug product, active samples of each batch are retained at the site. This fact makes it possible to conduct full testing of products at all parameters of the regulatory documents.

Logistics Centre — Finished Products Storage Facility

For storage of the finished product "Rubikon" has its own Logistics Centre for up to 3000 pallet spaces, which is equipped with modern high-tech control system to support necessary conditions for the storage of medicines. The computerized Warehouse Management System ensures accurate and timely inventory control.

Today, "Rubikon" is a fastest growing pharmaceutical company. And our highly qualified specialists are not only the pride of the company, but also a guarantee of the quality of our products.

The rapid growth of the research and development facilities, the competence and creativity of our employees allows "Rubikon" to complete its product portfolio with new competitive brands.
So, high-quality drug products at competitive prices are developed in our R&D laboratory and implemented in the production. Thus, we follow the program of import substitution.

Setting ambitious goals and achieving them, our company implements its main mission: we work for You and Your health. 

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